Enlightened SC

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Our students and families are held to standards:

         Enlightened SC 22-23

2022-2023 Options

Our students and families are provided:

We are very passionate about serving your family and encourage those that strive for educational excellence to join us! With so many outlets for homeschooling students today such as Co-ops, Hurricane Sports, and Artios just to name a few, we understand the flexibility and convenience homeschooling affords. We proudly support creative learning and encourage your family to passionately school on a daily schedule and with tools that work for you!

  • All enrolled students must be taught in full compliance of SC State Law governing homeschooling as shown in §59-65-47 
  • Complete an Enrollment Application annually for each homeschooling year and payment of $65/family is due with the annual application
  • Complete and turn in by January 15th our Mid-Year Progress Report
  • Complete and turn in the End of Year Report Form by defined deadlines for your child's grade level
  • All SAT, ACT, or PSAT Testing must use our high school code to ensure proper receipt of testing scores 
  • Students transferring from another association or school must furnish records within 90 days of enrollment using our Records Request Form

Enlist  [en-list]  (verb)

1. to be enrolled

2. engage (a person or their help or support)

  • Affordable legal home school status in South Carolina and personalized documentation for your records with year-round open enrollment.
  • DMV and School Notices for all students as needed
  • Teacher and High School Student Identification
  • K-8th Grade Students: Official Transcripts 
  • 9th-11th Grade Students: Official Transcripts with class ranking
  • 12th Grade Students: Official Transcripts with class ranking and High School Diploma (Upstate High School Graduation)
  • Freedom to choose curriculum publishers that work best for them and frequency of standardized testing
  • Year-round support staff to answer questions or simply guide and assist in your homeschooling journey

Annual Enrollment Application:  

    $65/per family is payable annually

High School Fee:

    $15/per student is payable annually

Graduation Fee:

​    $40/per student for each student participating in graduation ceremony